PPTA Committees/2014-2015 Committee Chairmen

Committee Members

The committee structure provides an opportunity to discuss issues confronting transportation providers and a process to comment or recommend action to the PPTA Board of Directors. Our committees contribute significantly to the process of developing proposals and evaluating the impact of regulatory and public policy initiatives upon the industry. They offer guidance and support in the development of educational programs and subcommittees are often formed to further define training needs and address specific issues. All members are offered the opportunity to join and participate in a variety of committees, which are the workhorses of the association. Each committee is led by a PPTA member who has extended the commitment to be of service to both our association and their peers.


Leeann MacWilliams, CHSP

Community Transportation Committee
Odessa Trinkle, Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Chair)

Governmental Affairs Committee
Owen O'Neil, LANTA (Chair)

Human Resources Committee
Louwana Oliva, Centre Area Transportation Authority (Chair)

Marketing & Communications Committee
Ashley Altemare, Mid Mon Valley Transit (Chair)

Planning Committee
Brendan Cotter, LANTA (Co-Chair)
Dan Nemiroff, SEPTA (Co-Chair)

Safety Committee
Carl Pysher- Lebanon Transit Authority(Co-Chair)
Maria Church-Suburban Transit (Co-Chair)

Spring Conference Planning Committee
Teri Giurintano, Lebanon Transit (Chair)

Technology Advancement Committee
Josh Warfal, River Valley Transit (Chair)


Lena Allen, CMP

Financial Officers Committee
Joan Davidge, Monroe County Transportation Authority (Co-Chair)
Kimberly Fragola, Centre Area Transportation Authority (Co-Chair)
Mandy Murphy, AMTRAN (Co-Chair)

Maintenance Committee
Randy Flyte, LANta (Chair)

Membership Committee

Operations Committee
Mike DeVaney, Central Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Chair)

PennTRAIN Advisory Committee
Timothy Geibel, Crawford Area Transportation Authority (Chair)

Ride Share Committee
Peggy Howarth, Monroe County Transit Authority (Co-Chair)
Lisa Kay Schweyer, Southwestern PA Commission (Co-Chair)