Building Better Bus Stops



All trips on transit buses begin and end at bus stops; making bus stops a vital connection between transit service and the communities served.  Ensuring bus stops meet the needs of all riders, transit agencies, and the community is essential in providing quality, efficient transit service.

Recognizing the vital transit connection point that bus stops provide, Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association (PPTA), in partnership with PennDOT, developed the Building Better Bus Stops Resource Guide.  The resource guide promotes safe access to fixed route bus services across Pennsylvania and provides municipalities, transit agencies, planners, and designers with resources to encourage consideration and incorporation of transit in planning and design. 


Draft Resource Guide Available for Review

The draft Building Better Bus Stops Resource Guide is available for now review and comment.



PPTA and PennDOT welcome your input on the draft Building Better Bus Stops Resource Guide now through November 20, 2020.

bsxSend comments via e-mail to Natasha Manbeck, P.E., AICP, Project Manager at


Final Document

Comments and input will be incorporated into the draft Building Better Bus Stops Resource Guide and the final document will be available here on PPTA’s website by the end of December 2020.